Let’s get: dessert in Philadelphia!

A fun post for the end of the week. If you’re out and about in Philly, and are craving a bit of something sweet (TGIF, after all!), here are a few top contenders:

1. Yogorino frozen yogurt.

With all the fixings.

With all the fixings.

There are a lot of amazing frozen yogurt, or “froyo” places in Philly. My closest friends swear by Igloo’s Greek frozen yogurt, which has that unmistakable yogurty tang; Pure Fare’s supposed to have good vegan froyo (made with coconut milk, I think); plus many other stops. But to me, none of these even approach Yogorino’s deliciousness. That complex flavor! That lack of cloying, artificial sweetness! All those saucy toppings! Pictured here is a cup with chocolate nougat sauce and pomegranate seeds; I happen to adore their pistachio sauce and bittersweet chocolate sauce, which hardens to a semi-soft shell. Plus they have late hours and punch cards, which basically means I’m hooked for life. (Tip: though the University City location has an impressive, spinning astro-wheel of gelato, the froyo somehow tastes better at the Rittenhouse Square location. Strange but true.)

Yogorino, 233 S 20th St and 3201-3229 Chestnut St.


2. Salted caramel budino at Barbuzzo.



Okay, people — this is IT. This is the best dessert in Philadelphia. You dive in first through a layer of deep brown salted caramel sauce, pausing first to get some of the thick whipped cream with chocolate cookie crumbs. This then yields to the budino, that gorgeous, lush, pristine goodness whose texture is somewhere between a crème brûlée and a pudding; it’s golden with brown sugar, egg yolks, butter, and rum, with a complex soft, cool richness. Then, finally, you hit the bottom of the jar to the chocolate cookie crust, a moist layer that gives the whole concoction a playful edge. The combination is exquisite, hitting all the right notes of sweet, salty, and a bit sour with the whipped cream, which I’m convinced has crème fraîche or sour cream in it.

For those of you not in Philly, Bon Appétit published the recipe for this dessert, which is finicky enough that I just go out and buy it, but not impossible enough to stop me from trying it when I leave this budino-blessed city. And for those of you in Philly, apparently they sell these in 6-packs for $48, so you can always have a budinolicious day. Awwww yeah.

Salted caramel budino, $8. Barbuzzo, 110 South 13th Street.


3. Macarons from Miel Pâtisserie.



Food fads come and go (I’m looking at you, cupcakes and cronuts), but hopefully macarons will last forever. Okay, so they’re finicky doll food and a bit frou frou. But how else, other than Skittles, do you get to taste the rainbow? Plus, they make great gifts!

These particular iterations from Miel Pâtisserie are really quite good; you should especially try the salted caramel, pistachio, and rose flavors. (Sugar Philly also makes a mean macaron.)

Macarons, $2.50 each. Miel Pâtisserie, 204 S 17th St.


Those are a few choice choices, based both on taste and by what I happen to have photos of on my computer. Where in Philly do you like to get dessert?


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